Thursday, April 23, 2009


It is God's will performed here.
It is an open door to divine intervention in the lives of men.
It is a passion of fire burning in our hearts for the lost.
It is the heart of God beating in our chest.
It is a passion that consumes duty, a relationship that consumes religion.
It is priorities set right.
It is of highest value, far above diamonds.
Because Revival;
Is the high calling of God,
The path of true fulfillment,
The meaning of life,
The design of God.
In Revival, we will find;
Our peace,
Without it, everything grows dim and we die.
It cannot be replaced by worldly gain, social joys, successes or religion. It is not measured by mere numbers, hours, words or deeds. It lives only as a fire in the hearts of men.
And I want it. More than my daily bread. I want Revival.


  1. Very Nice Pastor Tempkie!! VERY NICE!! Many may know the difference between a want and a need... but few will be touched with the power to transcend ALL and feel the intensity of Tears/Joy and the Presents of being touched so deeply by a gift that LITERALLY tickles the soul with the relief of the transcendence of inner laughter at how AWESOME & AMAZING a message so great and compelling can be received…. An Unarguable force of nature it is… to feel the power of the “inner smile”... Takes me back to watching the ending of ET. As a kid. This is a testimony worth trusting as there are some paradoxes that will never be broken alone for there will always be light beyond light and the natures of expansion. Most know all they know because they were simply told things are so but few will swim through the rough murky waters and put forth the effort to really achieve the unexplainable only to find emptiness. Is the emptiness a void? And how many licks will it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll Tootsiepop… The world may never know!???????????? I am spellbound beyond recognition and have tasted my mortality… Can and will Active and Passive principles be inherently attributing factors to Good and Evil!?! Shall the origins of fire be something more than just Heat and Expansion with an electrical current?… Shall the origins of the opposition of Fire being water be more than just the polarities of Shrinking and contraction producing a magnetic fluid?! Shall the mediumship of a non element such as Air with the inheriting qualities of warmth & humidity be more than a conductor of simple influence? Shall the electromagnetic tetra polarity of the Earth element be something more than the 4- polarity Universe itself??? We have thus stumbled upon the fact that… for every element can be converted into light… shining penetrating and expanding and darkness which will remain unrecognizable since without it there would be no light at all. “Evidently light and darkness must have been produced by the mutual play of two elements, consequently those of fire and water. Light in the outcome therefore has the positive quality whereas darkness has the negative one. This interplay evidently is working in all regions.” And now my friends for what the PASTORS Essay was deriving at… “Akasa or the Ethereal “Principle” or as some might say….”God” “It is the fifth power, the original power. Everything has been created by it and is kept in balance by it. It is the origin and the purity of all thoughts and intentions, it is the causal world wherein the whole creation in subsisting on, beginning from the highest spheres down to the lowest ones. It is the quintessence of the alchemists; it is all in all.” I’m not going to go into more detail than this but therein lies the immutable laws which have the aspect of Akasa in principle and know to some as karma or the law of cause and effect. To also put things quite right “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap… as everyone is bound to know this law and to respect it & effect the elemental principles as well. And then there is “Man” the true image of God; he has been created in the likeness of the universe. “Everything great to be found in the universe is reflected, "I" a small degree, in man…. The microcosm in contrast to the macrocosm and the influence of the elements on man. … a well known maxim says “A sound mind in a sound body”. The genuine truth of this aphorism represents itself immediately to everybody dealing with the problem of man...... IS TO TALK TO KNOW AND TO KNOW TO TALK(SO PARADOXAL)...WHAT IS SELF-CONSUMPTION?????????????????? QUESTIONABLE REASONS... QUESTIONALBLE ANSWERS SHALL WE REMOVE THE LEGGS ONLY TO STAND ON A METEPHORIC TABLETOP OR IS LONELYNESS FAR TOO VAST AND INTERTWINED. AN ATTACK ON YOURSELF/GOD???? AND JUST WHAT IS THIS????? DID SOMETHING SO HOLY AND PURE EVER INDULDGE IN a untolerable word... is my seed lost to the wind???? AND I ASK WHO AM I AND WHOM IS MY REPRESENTATIVE.... have you met me(the universal I AM)....this journal is so taxing... gotta go... Until next time might my obeservations be cheap and may I hesitate with great will & splendiferousness.

  2. But seriously... I'm pulling my books "Embraced by the light" by Bettie Edie off the shelf and I just remembered a very intense book that I used to own entitled "The Mustard Seed" by Osho so I grabbed that from borders. I've found a decent enough website that should shed some insider info on what it means “Revival" and also "The parables of Jesus" both by Rich Murphy as I've purchased both after reading some exerts @… bummer no pdf’s. I had a revelation if you will or a sense of urgency and Indeed I was shown that my ember wasn't built on the house of the rock and yet it was cast. After my experience last night indeed I've been shaken however I shall study and come to realize the meaning of a better image and the unwavering word of God and what it will mean more to serve the master within. Inspiration killer, had a rough day at work today and really felt a presence and the spirit last night. Vincent Norman Peal once said “Faith Power Works Wonders.” Through this symbiotic relationship I will meld in my ways. I have a lot of charting to do and personal experience to resort and pull from so forgive me if I abandon the pencil for awhile as there is a greater sacrifice at hand and I’m asking for the tip of the blade to banish any intruding, unwanted and self imposed negativity that might hinder my development. ""

  3. Jeff my friend, you write with such detail and passion , you should start a blog they're free.

  4. A friend always!!! My life is my blog and so much to do as the "living book" must be honored burned, etched, written and committed to the journey of the noble...My big mouth has forced me for the last time to obey a time honored code of silence "To Know To Dare To Keep Silent". My findings are never short of insightful and I have for gotten for so long that I am not alone even though messages reveal themselves at light speed I now must go back an unusual 10 steps rather than only 3 to see if my advancement will carry me to the next plateau. Nobody said the middle path would be easy because lighting your own fire is a personal challenge and I honestly have so much in my own backyard to tend to… I truly thank you for your devotion as the collective energy of the apostolistic “Revival” post backed by your commitment has challenged the phrase “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” Tough times tough talk and now I am forced after reading that entire website to see yet one more testimony of Gods multifaceted paths. Much brotherly love and communion to you… I’d like to share one last testimony In my early martial arts training my instructor once said… “You would never Box a boxer… Would you wrestle a wrestler? Or how about grapple a grappler?!” it would simply be “Force on Force.” Long story short I will circumnavigate or rather Triangulate a number of forces to find how how the lord speaks since so many believe in the “Word of God.” I have a feeling and I do mean feeling I’m in for a real challenge. As much as I would like to write a blog I am devoted to so much more and I don’t wanna mesmerize too much, it’s bad enough gossip surly is black magic… I need to restructure my ways and find out how I can be a bit less selfish. I will pop in on you from time to time as the need of a want truly is interesting. “I WILL TEACH BEST WHAT I MOST NEED TO LEARN” perhaps me only thinking the preacher at the cross roads surly couldn’t have taken both paths to the fullest only to have wound up as a mere guide in which direction to go… And my biggest question now is why do the righteous not stand alone? Which also brings to mind a nature of sacrifice and Trust?! Until next time my valiant knight… as I must understand my personal covenant. :)

  5. so clumsy... I really meant..........
    "To Know To will, To Dare and to keep silent" but perhaps traditions must change.