Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fountain

Let's make this clear. It's not about the accolades. We are in this to glorify God. This principal is Christianity 101. If you're confused about who deserves the glory, get back on your knees and find God. But, that being said, ministry is so full of struggle and disappointment, that an encouraging word of appreciation can go a long way. "Thank you, you made a difference in my life" Those sort of words will refuel a dying burden and recharge a weary worker. I can vividly remember times when unexpected appreciation came and melted my soul in love. We know God rewards, but it sure is nice to have an occasional pat on the back. As a preacher, the lime light shines on you enough to bring many an accolade and some wonderful heartfelt lauding. Maybe a bit too much at times. But I appreciate it. Though it is not always so with those unsung heroes behind the scenes. They have to brave the struggles without the support. Often in true derision. I understand the extreme value of the hidden ministries within the Church. Every great river is the result of many streams.

As I write this my wonderful wife came in the room. She is truly my better half. Every success I've experienced in ministry is half hers. Her faithfulness has trudged her through many storms and lives have been impacted mightily on the way. But there have been few accolades and little attention paid to her contribution. People tend to forget the supporting role no matter how much a part it may play. After a dozen years of ministry I finally see a season of realization coming to this great woman. Some are beginning to see the wonderful godly fountain of blessing that flows through this weaker vessel. A fountain that provides healing and strength. A fountain that nourishes every aspect of my ministry. Thank you Lord for providing an oasis of appreciation. Let it renew our strength to battle another day, and see your will done in the lives of men. Thank you for giving me a wife who has your caring compassionate loving heart within her. Together we will change the world!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Little Red Pastor

One day as the Little Red Pastor was scratching though his bible, he found a grain of wheat.

"This wheat must be planted," he said. "Who will plant this grain of wheat in the hearts of men?"

"I'm too shy," said the Duck.

"I'm too busy," said the Cat.

"That's not my calling," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Pastor. And he did.

Soon the wheat grew to be tall and yellow.

"The wheat is ripe," said the Little Red Pastor. "Who will cut the wheat with evangelism?"

"I don't know enough," said the Duck.

"That time doesn't work for me," said the Cat.

"Let me pray about it," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Pastor. And he did.

When the wheat was cut, the Little Red Pastor said, "Who will thresh the wheat with discipleship?"

"I've never taught a bible study," said the Duck.

"I'm there on Sunday," said the Cat.

"I'm not a preacher," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Pastor. And he did.

When the wheat was threshed, the Little Red Pastor said, "Who will take this wheat to the mill of fellowship?"

"Can I just watch you do it?" said the Duck.

"In September," said the Cat.

"Can't, hangin' with my friends," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Pastor. And he did.

He took the wheat to the mill and had it ground into flour. Then he said, "Who will make this flour into bread in prayer?"

"I tried it once, it didn't go too well," said the Duck.

"I'm organizing a meeting about that," said the Cat.

"I'm busy with the choir," said the Dog.

"Then I will," said the Little Red Pastor. And he did.

He made and baked the bread. Then he said, "Who will eat the blessings of this bread with me on Sunday?"

"Oh! I will," said the Duck.

"And I will," said the Cat.

"And I will," said the Dog.

"No, No!" said the Little Red Pastor. "I will do that." And he did

Mat 9:37 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few;
Mat 9:38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.
Not few people...
Not few Christians...
Few laborers...
What are you?

Monday, June 15, 2009


Daily challenges. Financial, relational, spiritual, carnal challenges. We meet them every day. They can make us feel like we are swimming the Atlantic with lead boots. It doesn't take a tragedy to weigh you down. At least with a tragedy you have a reason to want to keep your head buried under the covers. Life can get heavy. Daily becomes a 4 letter word, responsibilities loom like mountains, weariness clouds the sun of every activity, and there seems no escape. But is there? There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. - 1Co 10:13
With every temptation... a way of escape. Hope, there's always hope. In the 911 tragedy many were left with no escape, no hope. But some did perish who had a way of escape but didn't take it for one reason or another. That's where we fall. Squandered escape routes from daily life. God gives us a way to escape our stress our frustrations our disappointments, and we fail to utilize it. How many times have you noted how your day went better because it began in prayer. How many times have a sermon or altar call lifted a thousand pounds from your shoulders. Like the old song says " O' what peace we often forfeit, O' what needless pain we bare, all because we do not carry. Everything to God in prayer " I know you're probably thinking it can't be that simple, but consider the following. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. -Pro 3:5 So, how 'bout the blessing of a God conscience life? Have you found His daily treasures that free you from the drudgery of life. Ever stumbled into a witness (not a Jehovah's Witness, a witnessing opportunity) only to walk away with a spring in your step? What a glorious escape. Life can be full of little treasures that rapture us from the daily routine to a better way. Why do we miss it. The same reason I miss my off ramps and turns while on the phone. We get distracted. We leave God behind. And thus leave His blessing. The trick of the enemy is to distract us and cause us to miss our escape. When traveling with my wife, if I happened to notice an outlet mall or some other one sided point of interest, I would say "look over there" pointing the other way, (money saving technique) This is what happens when we approach God's escape plan. The enemy does all he can to get us looking at the wrong things. Let's simply refocus on our great God. Put Him back on the throne. Delight in His ways and live in the desires of our heart. (Psalms 37:4) Its that simple. There is an escape.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Lost

They are lost. Good people, nice people, misled people and uninformed people. Kind confused people, loving deceived people. People like you and me. But they are lost. If they never see the light they will be lost for all eternity. And that troubles me deep tonight. Girls just like my daughter are wasting their lives away. Young men like my sons are chasing the wind of vanity. They are lost. Doesn't that trouble you? You say yes, you even feel yes, but what have you done about it? Do you really pray for them, do you weep over them? Do you search for every opportunity to shine to them the love of Christ? Do you open your mouth every chance you get? Or do you simply walk away, for fear of embarrassment? Walk away to live your own private life, hiding the light from those in darkness. Do we really care for the lost? I realize this is an indictment, but it is ever so needed. The Apostolic church of America is so doped up on comforts of this life that we don't really care about hurting lost people. We go year by fruitless year without touching a single soul and still dare to call ourselves Christian. Do we squander the blood of Christ and yet deceive ourselves into thinking we are pleasing him? We waste the testimony he gave us in the abyss of our intimidation letting the uniformed walk right off their cliff of sin. We excuse our laziness, we blame the lost for their stubbornness. We learn to keep the empty ox crib clean, and go our merry way. Only to one day here. "In that you did it not unto the least of these, you did it not unto me" Wake up! If we are not reaching lost people in some way, we are not Christians. Let alone one God Apostolic Pentecostal Christians. Why soft soap it. Christ came to "seek and save them which are lost" As he is so are we, in this world. If we are in Him, he's gonna reach the lost. If He is in us, lives will be changed. Let us fall on our face in prayer, open our mouths in witness, and seek and save the lost. In Jesus name.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


It is God's will performed here.
It is an open door to divine intervention in the lives of men.
It is a passion of fire burning in our hearts for the lost.
It is the heart of God beating in our chest.
It is a passion that consumes duty, a relationship that consumes religion.
It is priorities set right.
It is of highest value, far above diamonds.
Because Revival;
Is the high calling of God,
The path of true fulfillment,
The meaning of life,
The design of God.
In Revival, we will find;
Our peace,
Without it, everything grows dim and we die.
It cannot be replaced by worldly gain, social joys, successes or religion. It is not measured by mere numbers, hours, words or deeds. It lives only as a fire in the hearts of men.
And I want it. More than my daily bread. I want Revival.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Carnal Man

The crafty carnal nature in its unwillingness to die will conform. Yet its conformity is a great danger. For it lies in wait, coming up occasionally for a subtle breath of indulgence. Short and mild enough to remain undetected, lest his cover be blown and his demise sought. Like an infectious disease the carnal man seeks to live even in adverse circumstances. Is our carnal man truly mortified or has he just adjusted to the confines of apostolic doctrine, hiding in the shadows? Is he lurking in the doctrinally permissible, poking his ugly head up on occation? And if he is, what do you think are his plans? Do you think, just maybe, he seeks to be re-throned. Does he plot against his borders.
Or is he dead? Have you through the Spirit mortified him? This is where we find a reader paradox. As you read if you feel he is wiped away and of no concern, the truth is probably the opposite. The enemy is a mind blinder, and he does all he can to conceal his spy, his insider. Finding him refuge in self justification, excuses, lukewarmness, hypocrisy, laziness, half halfheartedness and many other such like havens. As in life, death is avoided. The carnal man will seek some conditions of peace if there is no way for him to maintain control. But mark it down as long as he lives he will seek dominion.
Let us take to the cross of total demise, never again to reign. When he appears, let us quickly identify him, blow his cover and slay him at an altar of repentance. For there is another man who seeks dominion. A worthy man. A man who has everything we could ever want or need. His name is Jesus.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Testimony

If you have never traveled the road of Spiritual experience, then you can't understand what I say. If you've never felt a tangible presence of God, my words will seem fanatical. If you have never received the unexplainable joy overwhelming your soul, if you've never been with someone in the day of their miracle, if you've never had heaven become more real than earth, and God more near than your breath, my words will be foreign. If you've never tasted of these waters you will be unable to critique them.
The multitudes can rant and cast dust to the air, they can mock, scoff and deride. Saying, "the earth is flat you dreaming fool!" But for those who have circumnavigated its sphere, their wisdom is but foolishness. Tell the man that crossed a dry red sea that God is not real. Tell the healed leper, tell the once blind; once deaf, once dead. Speak your ideas and theories but they will never prevail against even one true testimony. "For mine eyes have seen thy salvation," Luke 2:30