Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Testimony

If you have never traveled the road of Spiritual experience, then you can't understand what I say. If you've never felt a tangible presence of God, my words will seem fanatical. If you have never received the unexplainable joy overwhelming your soul, if you've never been with someone in the day of their miracle, if you've never had heaven become more real than earth, and God more near than your breath, my words will be foreign. If you've never tasted of these waters you will be unable to critique them.
The multitudes can rant and cast dust to the air, they can mock, scoff and deride. Saying, "the earth is flat you dreaming fool!" But for those who have circumnavigated its sphere, their wisdom is but foolishness. Tell the man that crossed a dry red sea that God is not real. Tell the healed leper, tell the once blind; once deaf, once dead. Speak your ideas and theories but they will never prevail against even one true testimony. "For mine eyes have seen thy salvation," Luke 2:30


  1. This is so the "Been there done that" cliché or rather the “With God all things are possible” infamous retort. I’m telling you from experience that Christianity is far from being considered “The holy grail/Mother ship that the West makes it out to be. You speak of circumnavigation? How well can a fish circumnavigate if it doesn’t know its relationship to water. It would only have just a small taste if it were gasping for air on dry land or plucked by a fisher & even still there would be no light of the attack or misfortune of it’s premature termination. This same concept is true when it comes to understanding existence. If you know nothing of what it means to leave your body at will or control your own heartbeat & have no experience in the movement of force and examples of abilities beyond certain boundaries of interconnection then I promise you that your experience is bonded with certain limitations. This goes doubly when it comes to fueling the body with the wrong substances while perhaps being distracted by TV/Reading/Radio/Computer/Phone and anything else that distracts your impregnated intentions unseen influence of creation upon spiritually fueling up. If someone were to offer me something outside of what I already own(Here kid I’ll give you a universe where you can have anything you want or be resurrected and untouched by evil) I’d have to simply offer out loud laughter or what some religions would consider “The cry of the Devil.” I’ll give you a prime example of why I am so 100 percent certain that without proper training there are no promises & assurances. Here is the story… A man/idiot savant once mastered the Rubik’s Cube. However to the ordinary man studying the movements of the color coded puzzle it was nearly impossible to understand the mechanics of it at first unless given the codes because the cube itself is 3 dimensional and our average logic is only 2D. In other words you can’t simultaneously see just how hard it is to solve because the surface area confuses its true size and connection in nature. Long story short most if not all people will be taught the notation of the cube as well as orientation all based on the color pattern and the need to disassemble it and reassemble it to practice what is known as an “organized tour.” Each face will act as a clock rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise and each face will have a Letter it represents to avoid confusion and each face will be different depending on your starting color position. In essence the cube is no more than a mere combination lock with only 6 number codes… however one wrong move and you will be forced to start over or go back to a known reference…. The combinations are millions to 1 but with the proper code you will be able to unlock it because after all it is only committed to simple memory. And just for fun since the cube is symmetrical there will be many codes to rotate pieces in different directions creating many “Structured” ways to solve it but yet the codes will be organized based on the same rotations no matter how you break it down. The moral of this story is that this same guy often heard many people along his path say “They used to be able to solve it” or that they “ONCE” did it!!… And for all those people who said such things this “Rubik’s Cube solver of a guy “he would just chuckle and shrug off the sheer ignorance to all the people who tried to fool him with mere stories of grandeur. His confidence of his judgment of choosing to chuckle didn’t come because he took some kind of shortcut or allowed some kind of divine intervention or a Gaseous hallucination to tell him that “Perhaps things are so when others say so… “He had something called TRUE EXPIRIENCE.” Am I suggesting your experiences are false… “No” there no more undeniable then the next religion claiming the same thing but with different rituals simulating the same “Allegory of the cave “or “What you perceive is what you believe” but for me I require “The Science of Religion” because belief is nothing more than a motivator in this realm of potential.

  2. WOW! The author of confusion is working overtime trying to nullify the basic truths embodied in the essays on this site. To that end, here's a title suggestion(s) for all of the "responses" w/o apparent end (or sense):
    "How to Weave a Web Thicker than London Fog or, How Lucifer Learned to Stop Worrying and Went for a Swim in the Lake of Fire".

  3. There are countless ends of essays in the world and if you'd like some of the better parables you couldn't do yourself any harm in picking up Vernon Howard's book "The Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge" Might be out of print but check Ebay, there is as much practical knowledge in those pages as any bible on the planet, minus all the violence and ill will mind you. Another great point about the book is it's in modern day English...Go figure. I have no deception to sell nor am I a lazy bump on a log. Also I truly live and seek order in a topsey turvey world. There isn't anything new under the sun in this present day that wasn't already here but sometime you have to split some wood so to speak & no pun intended. Remember when the African people were the rulers of this Earth because their skin stood up to the Sun & the Gods favored their tolerance factor because the sun was the most worshipped and adorned object… all us white folk and other creeds had to do their bidding. Or how about the time when we lived in a matriarch and nature was more understood but men were only considered the worker bees and ants for the queens until we sold them the story of the “bad seed” telling them their offspring will turn out to be evil & lazy if they didn't start listening to us. Or how about the time Adam and Eve weren't from this dimension at all & the only way to get them to stop teasing the beings of this dimension was to leur them into partaking of desirable fruit until they could no longer phase in and out like some sort of unbenounced magic but then they got lazy and desperate & trapped by their new found density so they figured why not just eat the animals there doing all the work anyhow(classic grasshopper/ant) and so they would take on the instincts and loose even more ability.. just ask any “Breatharian” if this is so. We'll I can weave, wheel and deal with the best of them but as I've said before my strengths don't come from limiting words, stories or promises. You mention “Basic Truths” well even though I’ve been taught that you can never get enough of them and that you practice best what you most need to learn I can always go with the famous quote “Do not cast your pearls before swine’s” or something precious like that and just banish from these posts since I really do have greater things to accomplish… Nahhhhh who am I kidding if I don’t write these journals the Akashic records wouldn’t be as kewl as I would have liked them to be ;-) …. Until next time, sincerely
    your shouting, senseless, impractical, misguided and unnecessary Fallen Angel.