Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winners & losers

Who is a winner?
Who is a loser?
Is the winner the richest or the most famous? The most accomplished or the most powerful? Or maybe the most liked? Is it the man drunk with fame or is the one full of success? Is the winner the family man, or the businessman? Self realization, awareness, education, expression, or attainment? Which one wins?
Can we live a life of attainment and yet lose?

Somehow we all realize deep down that none of these things really constitute a win in the game of life.
So what does?
Finding and knowing and doing exactly what you were created and set here on earth to do. Your call if ya will. Or to make it even easier.
Only the creator can reveal his purpose in us. Only the creator can truly optimize the use of his creation.
Fame is vanity, lust is a lie. Money brings emptiness. Entertainment is a smoke screen. Power corrupts, education is always incomplete, friends come and friends go. But our God-crafted eternal destiny sits on high, as the one true success. Seek it, Seek Him, and win.


  1. Seek and win/destroy aye?! Simple dualistic thought really. Oh how Modern psychology plays the "This Vs. That" game rather than the real fact that there is "This and That." can you have one without the other? just an ebb with no flow, a beat without a rest or light without dark. The mental "Squeezeplay" struggle of "Bigger is Better", "Quantity Vs Quality", "Simple Vs Complex" "Pain Vs Pleasure","Lead Vs Follow" "High Vs. Low" "Gain Vs Loss" are all examples of "Divide & Conquer/ This Vs That" as division of labor has set out to confuse you. Try to integrate and be the true observer and you will see a meshing and complimentation far beyond Good Vs Evil. Try wearing a 1 piece outfit instead of separating pants from a shirt. The Sun isn't against the Moon and the right arm isn't fighting against the left nor is it independant. Sure is there helpful and harmful and there are obvious polarities, True that but nature is more dynamic then just mere intention alone. Integrate and Network and above all practice, are we not just a mere series of habits in an environment where the only choice we have is to say either Yes we are or No we are not "This or That" ""WRONG!!!"" you will always be both with everything in moderation hopefully. Bottom line is search the globe because if all your doing is eating bread & water, being a kind neighbor, looking busy for Jesus and being concerned about who does what for whome you might be spiritually begging & broke if you think this is growth and understanding on a "deep level". To each his own but seriously we do for each other but the challenge is to understand what real true selfish love can mean for yourself in the scale of "The greater good of all." Your "True Gifts" as a soul who is part creator/God can never be stolen or sacrificed. "Understand Thyself" and you will know a purpose without command while harboring not an ounce of Doubt,Fear or deciept. Learn to question cause if something doesn't feel right then chances are it isn't. So indeed seek but remember the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-) "QUESTION CREATION AND NATURE, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etherically and cosmically. Does law know order? what is a boundry? what is strategy and objective in a game? Treat more stuff as hypatheticals and what if's instead of taking anyones word AND I DO MEAN ANYONE!! Try new things and make some breakthrough discoveries!! Try to understand and listen rather then obey. Well dare to be the black sheep and you'll find your wayyyy more protected then the sacred herd.Lol now I sound like I'm preaching or something heheheh.