Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cursed Comfort

Cursed Comfort, Cursed Contentment.
As a subtle garden snake, carnal comfort has slithered in and deceived us into forsaking the heavenly treasure for worthless trinkets. Cursed comfort, you have eased the sting of guilt. A sting so sweet. A sting that's drives to our knees in holy repentance. Cursed comfort has numbed our conscience, a conscience of unmeasurable value. The birthing place of the deep cry for mercy and deliverance. Cursed comfort has redirected our treasures to this moth corrupted earth. Cursed comfort, you have blinded our eyes from the true treasure, the glory of the nail scarred hands, and deceived us into devaluing Him to 30 pieces of silver.
Where are the days of Luther, Wesley, Finney, Edwards, Brainard, and Bounds. The holy unrest of the Monravians, of which one third were missionaries. Where are the days of Seymor, Parham and Bartleman, where is that holy discontent that drove them to long hours of weeping on there knees until entire nations and generations were transformed by the power of God.


  1. May the light of punishment be with you? May the deliverance of guilt transform you and hold you well? Maybe life is like some kind of sick Easter Egg hunt? If you happen to gather enough pieces of the puzzle then "game well played." However gather nothing in the face of your maker and surley you will be short changed and only have the terror of guilt to face what you will loose while the others thrive ever so delightfully. What to do? Are there really enough brownie points to one up the next guy, because Heaven is seeming as though it has no room sharing with non-believers. And It came to pass that the subltle clever garden snake made no friends and lived a lonely life in outcast for having tried to take a 3rd of the host of Heaven with him in betrayal, or something like that. Man who rights these things? I mean they seem simple enough in nature to follow & all but can it really be just that simple & devine, will history ever have mercy on my modern day senses & thinking. Okay God I'm popping open a peach flavored snapple and letting you know I'm ready for that one on one ;-)

  2. Where is "it" ? Well, America just elected the guy who will certainly remove, from millions of us, any semblance of comfort or contentment.....Don't worry, however, as he is sure to deliver on the curse portion of your essay. (heh-heh)