Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beyond Rejection

There are many disappointments in life. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." -Proverbs 13:12 There will be seasons when our hopes fail. Hopes for a healing, that end in the grave. Hopes for a marriage, now destroyed. Hopes for a womb that never bares. Hopes for love, for friendship, for companionship. Although some will invest their hopes in material things, Most people realize that the fulfillment they seek is relational. We sing..."Money can't buy me love!" and "Love is all you need" There lies an innate undeniable truth in the preeminence of love. We come out of the womb craving it. And we always will. Under the heading of real love comes all the things we want; friendship, companionship, intimacy, honor, respect, bonding... fulfillment.
This is why the hope of these things being deferred, makes us sick to the heart. We realize that we have very few people that really love us, so when we put one in the grave, it hurts immeasurably. Live a little while and you will see that day. I've seen a father and mother bury their firstborn son, and with him, a part of themselves. I will never forget that father's wailing for his lost hope.
Yet it is not only the grave that bereaves us of our hope of love. Sometimes hope dies first. I attended the funeral of a friend a while back. He died a young man, murdered by his own hand. What a tragedy. Although I knew him well, I had never met his family. They were estranged. As the funeral went on I realized that they didn't even know the man I knew. Many hadn't seen him in years, and even then, only occasionally. They had lost him, before they lost him. What immense regret.
Who have you lost? Not to death, for that is done, but to life? Relationships are fragile structures that can be demolished by unkind words and deeds. We can forgive, but if we never invest the time to rebuild, the relationship will still lie in ruins. We've all been there. We've seen some thoughtless act rip the roof off a relationship, leaving it exposed to the elements. Maybe it was just something inconsiderate. Or maybe it was utter betrayal. But somehow we have all seen relationships turn to rubble. In the ruins of every relationship there is a common element: Rejection. The reason you can find rejection somewhere among the ruins, is because it is rejection that strips us of the desire to build again. Rejection defers, and eventually destroys, hope. Relationships have been known to weather an incredible amount of diverse storms only to rise stronger than before. But rejection strips us of hope to rebuild. So we simply walk away.
All rejection hurts:
"I'm not interested in you."
"I don't care about you."
"You don't matter to me."
"You fool."
Feel that? It hurts, does it not?
So how do we react to rejection? Usually with... rejection. "Well... I don't care about you either" It seems silly, but that's exactly what we do. Why? Its our defense.
So what's the answer then? Relationships are of too great value to waste. How do we deal with the rejection? Only the "man of sorrows" can help you love deep enough to weather rejection. "He was despised and rejected of men."-Isaiah 53:3 No one has ever faced rejection like the man of sorrows. The governor sought to kill him as a child. They tried to throw him off a cliff in reaction to his first sermon. Mocked, derided, scoffed, falsely accused, betrayed, forsaken, tortured and crucified, yet his love marched on. He can help you love beyond rejection, because he's been there. He can help you build again. "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."-John 2:19 Your hurt is real, you've been damaged, hope may have been killed. But he is the resurrection, you can love again. You can love beyond rejection, rebuild, and hope again.

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  1. Love beyond rejection? How about love beyond Fear! Sure enough the basic elements of life are Food,Water,Shelter or Body Warmth but indeed all of those are worthless if you don't have the hidden element of "ACCEPTANCE" underlining the point of those basics. Every being has a longing to fit in or be accepted, very true and more importantly a longing for purpose or reason in the advancement beyond the basics. Here is an interesting "Principle of Acceptance" with all religion of savors and holy glories aside or strange pagan adopted mythologies. Did you know that all or most of our health problems stems from eating the animals?! Our digestive tracks are longer and more suited for vegetables,fruits and grains "Animals are an "EMERGENCY" item of fuel. Our supposid canines in our mouth are "eye-teeth". we are not designed for jumping on a rhino's back and chomping down, you wouldn't even break the flesh plus our jaws are designed to chew not chomp down or break skin. Our acidic/alkaline digestive juices aren't designed to digest raw meat and no other animal cooks there food but us? Supposid cows milk is a joke once heated beyond 170degrees & spun & refortified(pasturized/homoginized) no other species crosses over and drinks the milk of another animal cause it is just plain wrong plus no other animal keeps drinking it's mothers milk for supposid calcium. Plus mixing Starches w/protiens cancels one another out. Meat/potatos,fish/rice,chkn/pasta,milk/cereal,eggs/toast ect. our supposid food pyramid is rediculas and fabricated for business.
    Food that is supposed to digest in 3hrs and under can sit in your stomach up to 8hrs, not to mension all the toxins and cruel vibration that go into animals for the slaughter. So the question is why hasn't "GOD Almighty" made a commandment to not eat animals????? Talk about "REJECTION!!!" We reject what is helpful and natural & sacrifice animals when protein comes from "Amino Acids!!!!" and Calcium comes from our veggies that have been grown in soil. What in the tarnations is going on when GOD says hey it just doesn't matter where you get your building blocks cause after you pass-on we'll just use some magic. Okay one word here "FEAR" it keeps industries and big business in production with "statistical lies!!!" I'd worry more about what elements you will be "RESURECTED" with or rather from since you are what you eat and the vibrations you take on even in the non-physical!! If we are no better than the animals will GOD make it right? Knowledge if far greater than acceptance because if you "Choose" to be ignorant then you will have to "ACCEPT" a lower consciousness. Also on a side-note our tap water and bottled water is unfit as well as it has clorine and floride in it which is what kills rats and also we used it on our advesaries non World War 2 and it worked, also clorine lines your arteries as well. Can we be so ignorant about what our building blocks are but yet put the responsibility on a GOD who will "RESURRECT US" regardless of our poor choices, all so we can "Love Again" what should have been understood and respected in the first place. Why does LOVE have to be so shallow in the eyes of our creator?! oh wait I forgot because he is merciful and understanding and knows us better than we do. Okay GOD I'm dumping my Rasberry Snapple on your head right about now for not telling Moses to Etch stone tablets properly because he was on the sly with the wrong farmers.