Friday, April 10, 2009

Esau & Jacob

Jacob was going about obtaining the blessing the wrong way. The desire that was in his heart was right. But his method was terribly wrong. O' there are so many Jacobs in our world. Seeking the blessing yet pursuing it in terribly wrong ways. Hungry for something they don't quite understand, searching in the wrong world. Let us reach them, let us re direct them. They're not as far away as they appear.
Why would God so love this deceiver. It could only be his desire for the birthright & the blessing. Why would he so hate Esau, it could only be his despising of it. Though Jacobs faults were many,
something was in him that sought both the blessing and the birthright. Let the lesson be clear. If your heart desires the things of God, many faults can be overcome.
And the hated Esau, was it that Esau wanted the blessing yet not the birthright. He sought to be blessed in the way he chose, rather than finding Gods will for his life, and being blessed therein.
Esau mourned the loss of the blessing. Yet never do we see him mourn the loss of the birthright.
Jacob had strong desire yet his faith was weak. As Grandpa Abraham, he felt he needed to help God out. He continued supplanting as if he could not wholly depend on God till the day of the angelic wrestling match. Sometimes we refuse to depend upon God, even the God we desire, until we are backed into the corner and are stripped of all other options. Jacob was learning step by step, that he could fully trust God. for Jacob had a promise through the birthright, and a blessing. Total trust is only developed in time and experience. God will prove Himself faithful, He hath said, I will not leave you or forsake you, so that we might say, I will not fear...
God will work with our fears, he will work with our faults; dishonesty, pleasure seeking, and many others. But if we, as Esau simply care nothing for the glory of God, care nothing for what life God is offering, what can he do?
The blessing was to be blessed.
The birthright was to be a blessing.
We all love the blessing. But how hungry are we for the birthright, that makes us a blessing?


  1. hmm blessings? isn't life itself a blessing enough? is not our mere breath enough to please? So then why begg? bless this bless that? recieve this and that? just doesn't make sense, you say you have trust???? should you not have the courage not to begg? If a creator knows what's in your heart is there really a need to ask for anything that isn't given to you upon waking every day. All this "FEAR" based nonsense. God wants this/God wants that?! Will Slavery ever end cause this is one hell of a needy GOD. So talk about a DECEPTION -if you don't ask then you don't somehow need or will recieve what is best. Absolute madness I'm telling you!! Have some "trust" enough to know that all are in good service. The games people play "BIRTHRIGHT??" are you kidding me already as though life has many assurances and positions, well I guess some people just got it all figured out and have the answers for the masses but I will never stop finding multiple truths and nobody and I mean nobody will try and sell me a universe outside myself and nor will I be a bird in a cage or just have tunnel vision for a monotheistic type of GOD when everyone is God unconscious.

  2. Jeff,

    Why so angry about singular truths? Those truths, after all, are what the greatest nation on earth was founded on. By the way, one of the many "multiple truths" out there is that certain of us do NOT deserve to exist. That particular "truth" holds that the government should decide your destiny, not you. Would you give the respecters of that "truth" the power to hold sway over your life? Your friends lives? Your familys'?

    The fact that so many are "God unconscious" illustrates to me the imperative that we must seek Him more than ever, now. His singular truth is needed now, in this world of lost people, more than ever before. To acknowledge His truth, is to acknowledge your choice. A scary thing, I know, but a potentially glorious one if you choose well. To say there are "multiple truths" is to say there is no truth. That is why Jesus was hated. He gave us an unflinching presentation of truth. He basically said, "I am your salvation. Choose me and choose life. Choose this life and you have chosen death."

    Can't get any clearer than that. But then, He is God after all.

  3. Greatest nation or exploitation?! This "Great Nation" consumes 30% or more of the worlds resources & yet its population is so miniscule in comparison to other supposed not so great nations. A lot of people tend to think that problems are on the outside coming in this country rather than the other way around or at least that was a nice tactic Hitler used as well but quite frankly “we are the monsters” with our industry and nasty soulless corporations all for some sort of "Greater good for all" when the truth of the matter is that the whole world is networked and simultaneously suffering. Anyhow you speak of a man who lived 2,000 years ago & some even tend to believe he will be coming back as well. What if 2,000 years ago in those “Roman Empire times” they couldn't control the people or influence them through Media or technology & that the greatest practice was storytelling as a way of influence. No Army could control the people more than “FEAR” of religion could. What if the Leaders of such great nations concocted a story of a man that was prophesied to come (and it came to pass)… when he walked on water, cured the deaf & all other such miracles. What if it was just their way of saying he did things figuratively “but not literally” & it was just peoples way of saying he was a great man of character cause that is how they spoke back then, a bit more poetic then this era or epoch. In other words back then when a man named Jesus spoke he was so powerful the deaf could hear or that those who where blind could see again, he could do no wrong , he walked on water. Then the Governments of that time took it to a whole new level where they made people cry and bear testimonies of false truths & the Jesus Story took on a life of the literal & became a great controlling agent as well as hope and answers to believe in plus a way of society and fashion to have people “Conform or be cast out” (pre-witch trials mind you as if to say a leper does not change its spots). Does this sound too farfetched??? Stuff like this is happening right now... I mean look at 911!!... The world believes Bin Laden did it but there isn't a shred of proof and the physics of the incident are just insane & quite obvious that it was an "INSIDE JOB" like most thefts and internal crimes are (self-Sabotage moves mountains). Lemme tell you something, History is a whitewash… there are no historical accounts of Jesus by what we call historians of that time, look into the movie "" it fascinated the hell out of me and also the sequel "Zeitgeist Addendum". The whole 26minutes on part1 "The Greatest story ever told/about the solar messiah" indeed turned my head. Joseph(old testament) & Jesus (New Testament) basically had most of the same similarities. Look up the word on Wikipedia "SALVATION" (god saves you from death and this equals eternal life) Fear based indeed but also the Egyptian God Horus, Mithra of Persia, Krishna from India, firmly believed in this as well as many other Pagan believes long before Jesus plus they also believed in “God’s SUN”..The light and savior of the world, Death for 3 days & resurrection, crucifixion, virgin birth,12 disciples, periodical child, 3 kings at birth, walking on water& healing the sick, star in the east and a number of other pre-Christ same doctrines and similarities. So how on earth is all this possible, oh perhaps it was just the work of the Devil till Jesus(the true king & messiah) came along. Well I do know one thing… Life=Work and believing that someone else is going to just do your homework for some kind of redemption is crazy… or that God made a mistake so he sent his “Only?” begotten son as a sacrifice and offering of atonement is also morbid and twisted. Bottom line is it is okay to believe in a good thing because anything positive will act as a “placebo effect” because we are part GOD and our will can create happenings but I assure you there are far better exercises of “true strength” that can give you a better taste of purpose and understanding but being a good neighbor and making helpful choices is a good simple stepping stone in the right direction, but not much of a test in my opinion. Bottom line for me is there is more glory to be had in the right training and practice to know how you can look inside yourself. If I needed the Bible or all the stories that went along with them, they would have been stapled to my ass upon conception, and I mean that in the best way possible.

  4. ...lost in the lying abyss of humanistic relativism, never having truly experienced the life changing presence of God...

  5. “(…Lost in the lying abyss of humanistic relativism, never having truly experienced the life changing presence of God…)” …………….
    The directional term of a state being LOST, the size of some “known” ABYSS, the statement of a known “NEVER”, the concept of “TRUTHFUL EXPERIENCE”, the difference between what is considered separation of God & being only “HUMANISTICLY RELATIVE” by qualities absent or PRESENT perhaps pertaining to be less regular or what would be considered salvaged from otherwise damaged goods; seem all to be clustered in a category of something so “stagnant” because by your standard “CHANGE” can only come from one source or objection???
    ~First off after my analytical/psychological or synopsis of just a mere sentence of such a “quadruple negatives” is a statement very limiting in nature and above that… an expression of some kind of absolution or rather guarantee. There is so much double talk and words canceling out one another that it amazes me that this is considered an expression of some kind of testimony or harmonic prophesy.
    ~Secondly I’m going to abandon all my God/Birthright reasoning faculties and go out on a limb… My life has consisted of communicating with well over a hundred thousand different people each year but I also understand that this doesn’t mean that it could be of a certain caliber of quality if I’m impartial in judgment. I have learned not to be concerned with tying to be more interesting but rather more interested. Everyone has gifts they bring plus goodies… if I’m not asking questions then I’m just not plain receptive. I have raided used bookstores like nobody’s business allowing me to reach the minds of oodles of people living on the planet’s surface and also the claims of many other interesting things as well. As a person I am well aware of my actions and the rippling effect that my presents has on others and that others have bestowed upon me. I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of reconnecting with both failure and success of the “Follow-through” of people’s decisions and choices. I am also aware of the type of responsibility that comes with having “True knowledge/wisdom” and the OBLIGATION behind wielding such great forces. I’ve experienced the cosmic expression “YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU FEAR MOST”… for matters of lessons and literally lessons in matter itself. The big question is what makes me feel as though I’m connected to a force that is positive and helpful to the development of me on both what I’ve become on a physical plane and what is open to me after this choice in this physical dimension. There are many synchronicities in my life that are almost too good to be true at times and on a weekly basis I have at least 4 profound coincidences telling me that I’m in the right place at the right time beyond a reasonable doubt and have to take certain stands. Also I have asked so many questions earnestly & heart fully that although some answers come to me slower than others, I’ve always found it ironic that messages come to me manifold & the question isn’t what’s the answer but rather what is your will-power and strength you are willing to commit?? Knowledge can be truly prideful if the only reward becomes piece of mind. My lessons have shown me the errors of my ways and the “Truth” if you will in all its irrelativeness is most definitely a relationship as is with everything in nature and life. In summary everyone walks with God no matter what separates you belief wise. If religion had its way everyone would be going to a dark place of Hell cause surely enough everyone’s different sect believes only they are Heavenly and worthy. Surely belief is a motivator and intention and approach means a great deal if not everything that truly determines your actions.
    ~If my Abyss is untrue to me and I am less than great and if I will be forced to not be allowed the option to change/grow then truly GOD itself is hopeless and unmerciful and wickedly cruel. If the Devil himself was the master of persuasion and false promises then I really will have to turn my back on all the nonsense and practice my Tai-Chi, Akido, Meditation, crystal work and refrain from eating higher organisms for lower consciousness plus the many other actives in my pastime.

  6. That was amazing Jeff. Your preference for reference -sans deference- to self (41),was greater than the sentences (24) w/ said references -w/o "repentances"- causing me to put you on the shelf.

  7. References you seek then so shall they be and without regret... Look into Mantak Chia anything he seems to say is pretty golden but specifically his book “Taoist Secrets of Love” or “The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching” or “Healing love through the Tao” or “Awakening Healing Energy through the Tao.” Also if it’s exercises you seek there are some amazing self-study ones in the book by Franz Bardon entitled “Initiation into Hermetics.” More exercises…Osho has a great book entitled “The Book of Secrets” or even Yogi Ramacharaka “Science of Breath.” Also even though I don’t so much agree with Aleister Crowley for choosing to be a bit dark I but do understand his foundations/principles… his book on “Eight Lectures on Yoga” makes for great training. Kahuna Healing by Serge Kahili King & also the rare book “Huna The Ancient Religion of Positive thinking” by William R. Glover. A lot of eastern books but “The taboo against knowing who you are” by Alan Watts is interesting. I also enjoyed the book “Tertium Organum” and “Talks with A Devil” both by PD Ouspensky were more than profound. For great visualizations I highly recommend the book “Your Aura & your Chakras The owner’s Manual” by Karla McLaren. If you’re interested in knowing some interesting techniques for gaining control over beliefs a very powerful book by Barbara Marciniak “Path of Empowerment” is awesome. If you feel Christ was the only one who could perform miracles or an ascended master you might want to look into the life of paramhansa yogananda and his book “Autobiography of a Yogi” FYI his body had no signs of decay even after 20 days after his death and knew his astral body well. Wanna learn how to be more present in your dreams the book “Teach yourself to Dream” by David Fontana has some great techniques and exercises. If your interesting in feeling what the energy your swimming in everyday feels like check into Tai Chi, in fact Mantak Chia also has a publication “The Inner Structure of Tai Chi.” I found the book entitled “Abundant Peace” to be breathtaking, a biography of Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido, written by John Stevens… Oh and don’t let a guy like Steven Segal convince you that Aikido is for breaking limbs when in fact it is quite the reverse and is more like the art of protecting your opponent from himself(cause nobody wants to fight) using through circular motion & besides all the supernatural things its creator was capable of based on studies not of this realm but that of the old world of Japan were quite interesting. And finally a great book on health is by far the one by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond entitled “Fit for life 2”… this book more than sums up all our human problems and where the origins of nutritional lies stemmed from. Okay so here are just a bunch of practical exercise books to test your personal strengths and if you’re like me you’ll make a simple chart and just mark daily tasks of either “Yes” or “No” that you did or didn’t do it and chart your progress and find out what works and doesn’t, but remember it can take some pretty strong will and discipline to press on when results don’t happen overnight or even in a few weeks time. Try to just use your head and search your common sense about what tasks you might gain an insight into knowing yourself(know thyself) because books are merely suggestions or triggers of a plausible focal point based on ones will. DARE TO BE GREAT and “REPENT” only unto yourself for not having tried. In my opinion the blame game is a joke, there aren’t angels and demons but only ignorance. So are we merely pawns in a chess game? Or could it be that we are impregnated with the possibility of self-promotion to be any piece we want once we learn what it means to taste the other side. Could it also be true that the fall of a saint is certainly more interesting than the rise of a sinner? That being said there are truly no fixed positions. Suppose you were walking along the beach and you came across a watch and you had never seen such a gadget before… your first thought might be “The watch must have a maker?!” an indeed it does… but does being outside ourselves make it so? Or is it that our vibrations are just hindered by what we consider time and space, thus making our manifestations quite foreign to our undeveloped senses? How about that our thoughts aren’t allowing us to breathe properly? Or perhaps our bodies/vessels are so polluted and attacked by parasites that we are numb to the truth?...Question after question, one begets another & I ask the average Joe which ”mono- basket” I must place my trust in as I will beg that question to my own delight and tested progress.