Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Carnal Man

The crafty carnal nature in its unwillingness to die will conform. Yet its conformity is a great danger. For it lies in wait, coming up occasionally for a subtle breath of indulgence. Short and mild enough to remain undetected, lest his cover be blown and his demise sought. Like an infectious disease the carnal man seeks to live even in adverse circumstances. Is our carnal man truly mortified or has he just adjusted to the confines of apostolic doctrine, hiding in the shadows? Is he lurking in the doctrinally permissible, poking his ugly head up on occation? And if he is, what do you think are his plans? Do you think, just maybe, he seeks to be re-throned. Does he plot against his borders.
Or is he dead? Have you through the Spirit mortified him? This is where we find a reader paradox. As you read if you feel he is wiped away and of no concern, the truth is probably the opposite. The enemy is a mind blinder, and he does all he can to conceal his spy, his insider. Finding him refuge in self justification, excuses, lukewarmness, hypocrisy, laziness, half halfheartedness and many other such like havens. As in life, death is avoided. The carnal man will seek some conditions of peace if there is no way for him to maintain control. But mark it down as long as he lives he will seek dominion.
Let us take to the cross of total demise, never again to reign. When he appears, let us quickly identify him, blow his cover and slay him at an altar of repentance. For there is another man who seeks dominion. A worthy man. A man who has everything we could ever want or need. His name is Jesus.


  1. "When he appears, let us quickly identify him, blow his cover and slay him at an altar of repentance."

    Now that is a goal to have daily. Lord, give us the strength to accomplish it! Would that one could bury the carnal man. "Thanks a lot", Adam! Seriously though, thanks be to our Jesus for helping us ID and slay that little viper...When we are knowing enough to ask, that is...

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  3. “Conform or be cast out” Rushing backwards in time I see many interesting Signals. Starting with A 1 dimensional value deemed “Carnal”…. but indeed man as a species wasn’t given the gift of life at first walk upon the planets surface…for we were a slave race w/out the ability to procreate and both man and woman walked on the same footing. You wouldn’t know it but we were crossbred & once laid. It wasn’t till we were freed that we were bestowed the gift of life from a parent race that became lazy and tired of doing all the work so they handed over the responsibility to us, as a freedom and then they flead. Hmmmm let’s take that allegory of Genesis and thoroughly examine its nature at hand. Nature and man were never separate ever… ever… ever… ever… ever. To even make a statement that was once revered such as “Man is incapable of original thought”… Is a joke and a triple negative for what is considered man is in nature original and as well is thought itself. Genesis is a kiddy silly “Story” to try and explain the unexplainable. It is petty, poor and obviously anthropomorphized as well as patriarchal in essence. Let’s break it down… Adam blames Eve… Eve Blames the Serpent… The Serpent blames the fruit… oh holy hell why not blame the GOD for Heaven’s sake?! The real “Origin of man/nature” was nothing of a perversion we make it out to be. Anyhow following your storyline… “Anytime you point the finger at someone you have 3 pointed back at you.” I ask you who was the first to cover themselves with fig leaves???????????????? That my friend is the “NATURE” of your drama…. You wanna frame something then “Frame unconscious internalized Shame.” This simply isn’t the experience of self-realization and a “CARNAL TASTE OF KNOWLEDGE”…. This is the experience of Fear and judgment and psychological defense mechanisms & we are asked who do we have to blame? Suddenly I’m beginning to think a finger was pointed somewhere & accountability (THE REAL KNOWLEDGE) was in the absence of everything GOD stands for being Love. .. All Through some sort of distortion of disobedience???….. Now we ask what separation really is the basis for…. “A man cannot serve 2 masters” This is Esoteric in nature… Simply translated it is impossible for a man to serve 2 MINDS or rather Masters/mechanisms or 2 separate states of being (Love/FEAR)…not the text book definition of something EXTERNAL, tangible , separate or divided… THIS IS EGO BASED (you cannot serve your ego and TRUE higher self/nature at the same time.) Lemme give you another example… “It is easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” Once again what is an eye of a needle? Is it reference to a tool to stitch cloth? And what is the Kingdom of god and where is it?? Well the Eastern Esoteric version is that back in those days an “EYE OF A NEEDLE” was a doorway, what did people have to do to pass through safely… dismount there vehicle???? No they had to get off their Camels/high-horses. Do you know what it means to truly be holier than thou? Stepping off your Camel has a secret meaning to the well taught which also has another meaning… Serving 2 masters such as the “conquer and divide” methods will get you nowhere for you have to go within and find what is without in all. You must leave your “Ego” behind to enter the KINDOM & DOORWAY but that is only the beginning of a well understood path. [“Let us take to the cross of total demise, never again to reign. When he appears, let us quickly identify him, blow his cover and slay him at an altar of repentance]… At first glance this seems very rewarding and praise worthy as it follows a concept known as “The Power of 3” “Or the Law of 3” (Or the point of actualization)… “You Rope it! Stun it!! You skin it!”…. & serve it up to the God of mental regret or some kind of higher ring, cleansing lake or purity fire. First off I had to really search hard on this one and realize that these words aren’t in fact what I’d consider not of the heart, given the nature of its context. I was rather touched at notion that somehow I could be perceived as something Untrue to its source on a number of levels. I’d like to quote something I read over 20 years ago…. “To study Buddhism is to study yourself, “To study yourself is to forget yourself, To forget yourself is to see yourself in everything.” I’ve always asked questions to challenge my nature first and foremost and to make darn sure that my projections are safe at home. I’d like to say You’d find a better mirror or some kind of light to bounce your own essence off of… or that perhaps you wouldn’t be ready to face such ignorance and horrors of destruction of something so personal but after my life’s story I can only say “I spoke & observed” and only wish it was the later than the former of the two. Also I’d like to reiterate & say the only boundaries there are… are the ones we create… the only evil there can be is that in which you give your negative energies to.
    “Plotting against borders”, “Intentions of plans of attack”, “A hope to be on top or some kind of absolute dominion.” “If he is wiped away and of no concern, the truth is probably the opposite.” Well that reminds me of the preacher who once said “The greatest deception the Devil can do is convince you he doesn’t exist” Holy mole guacamole he could be one of us Batman.?! Does he really indeed hide within our shadows? This reminds me of someone’s favorite last words as a retort in not being able to convey anything so they go for some kind of statement saying “BUT WHAT IF YOUR WRONG!” Remember Love is an understanding and a source of knowledge unto itself. On a final note on this journal entry I’d like to say a word about “JUDGEMENT” when people judge one another it is FEAR based as is with all no understanding as you will be attacking all that you dislike about yourself… Also can we not forgive the Devil Herself? Or has the NATURE of forgiveness attacked your EGO as well and you happen to think it is something of a Ego pardoning another Ego when in fact the truth of the matter is “YOU MUST FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR NOT HAVING CHOSEN TO SEE THE BETTER/GOOD IN OTHERS FIRST” >:->