Thursday, April 23, 2009


It is God's will performed here.
It is an open door to divine intervention in the lives of men.
It is a passion of fire burning in our hearts for the lost.
It is the heart of God beating in our chest.
It is a passion that consumes duty, a relationship that consumes religion.
It is priorities set right.
It is of highest value, far above diamonds.
Because Revival;
Is the high calling of God,
The path of true fulfillment,
The meaning of life,
The design of God.
In Revival, we will find;
Our peace,
Without it, everything grows dim and we die.
It cannot be replaced by worldly gain, social joys, successes or religion. It is not measured by mere numbers, hours, words or deeds. It lives only as a fire in the hearts of men.
And I want it. More than my daily bread. I want Revival.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Carnal Man

The crafty carnal nature in its unwillingness to die will conform. Yet its conformity is a great danger. For it lies in wait, coming up occasionally for a subtle breath of indulgence. Short and mild enough to remain undetected, lest his cover be blown and his demise sought. Like an infectious disease the carnal man seeks to live even in adverse circumstances. Is our carnal man truly mortified or has he just adjusted to the confines of apostolic doctrine, hiding in the shadows? Is he lurking in the doctrinally permissible, poking his ugly head up on occation? And if he is, what do you think are his plans? Do you think, just maybe, he seeks to be re-throned. Does he plot against his borders.
Or is he dead? Have you through the Spirit mortified him? This is where we find a reader paradox. As you read if you feel he is wiped away and of no concern, the truth is probably the opposite. The enemy is a mind blinder, and he does all he can to conceal his spy, his insider. Finding him refuge in self justification, excuses, lukewarmness, hypocrisy, laziness, half halfheartedness and many other such like havens. As in life, death is avoided. The carnal man will seek some conditions of peace if there is no way for him to maintain control. But mark it down as long as he lives he will seek dominion.
Let us take to the cross of total demise, never again to reign. When he appears, let us quickly identify him, blow his cover and slay him at an altar of repentance. For there is another man who seeks dominion. A worthy man. A man who has everything we could ever want or need. His name is Jesus.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Testimony

If you have never traveled the road of Spiritual experience, then you can't understand what I say. If you've never felt a tangible presence of God, my words will seem fanatical. If you have never received the unexplainable joy overwhelming your soul, if you've never been with someone in the day of their miracle, if you've never had heaven become more real than earth, and God more near than your breath, my words will be foreign. If you've never tasted of these waters you will be unable to critique them.
The multitudes can rant and cast dust to the air, they can mock, scoff and deride. Saying, "the earth is flat you dreaming fool!" But for those who have circumnavigated its sphere, their wisdom is but foolishness. Tell the man that crossed a dry red sea that God is not real. Tell the healed leper, tell the once blind; once deaf, once dead. Speak your ideas and theories but they will never prevail against even one true testimony. "For mine eyes have seen thy salvation," Luke 2:30

Friday, April 10, 2009

Esau & Jacob

Jacob was going about obtaining the blessing the wrong way. The desire that was in his heart was right. But his method was terribly wrong. O' there are so many Jacobs in our world. Seeking the blessing yet pursuing it in terribly wrong ways. Hungry for something they don't quite understand, searching in the wrong world. Let us reach them, let us re direct them. They're not as far away as they appear.
Why would God so love this deceiver. It could only be his desire for the birthright & the blessing. Why would he so hate Esau, it could only be his despising of it. Though Jacobs faults were many,
something was in him that sought both the blessing and the birthright. Let the lesson be clear. If your heart desires the things of God, many faults can be overcome.
And the hated Esau, was it that Esau wanted the blessing yet not the birthright. He sought to be blessed in the way he chose, rather than finding Gods will for his life, and being blessed therein.
Esau mourned the loss of the blessing. Yet never do we see him mourn the loss of the birthright.
Jacob had strong desire yet his faith was weak. As Grandpa Abraham, he felt he needed to help God out. He continued supplanting as if he could not wholly depend on God till the day of the angelic wrestling match. Sometimes we refuse to depend upon God, even the God we desire, until we are backed into the corner and are stripped of all other options. Jacob was learning step by step, that he could fully trust God. for Jacob had a promise through the birthright, and a blessing. Total trust is only developed in time and experience. God will prove Himself faithful, He hath said, I will not leave you or forsake you, so that we might say, I will not fear...
God will work with our fears, he will work with our faults; dishonesty, pleasure seeking, and many others. But if we, as Esau simply care nothing for the glory of God, care nothing for what life God is offering, what can he do?
The blessing was to be blessed.
The birthright was to be a blessing.
We all love the blessing. But how hungry are we for the birthright, that makes us a blessing?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beyond Rejection

There are many disappointments in life. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." -Proverbs 13:12 There will be seasons when our hopes fail. Hopes for a healing, that end in the grave. Hopes for a marriage, now destroyed. Hopes for a womb that never bares. Hopes for love, for friendship, for companionship. Although some will invest their hopes in material things, Most people realize that the fulfillment they seek is relational. We sing..."Money can't buy me love!" and "Love is all you need" There lies an innate undeniable truth in the preeminence of love. We come out of the womb craving it. And we always will. Under the heading of real love comes all the things we want; friendship, companionship, intimacy, honor, respect, bonding... fulfillment.
This is why the hope of these things being deferred, makes us sick to the heart. We realize that we have very few people that really love us, so when we put one in the grave, it hurts immeasurably. Live a little while and you will see that day. I've seen a father and mother bury their firstborn son, and with him, a part of themselves. I will never forget that father's wailing for his lost hope.
Yet it is not only the grave that bereaves us of our hope of love. Sometimes hope dies first. I attended the funeral of a friend a while back. He died a young man, murdered by his own hand. What a tragedy. Although I knew him well, I had never met his family. They were estranged. As the funeral went on I realized that they didn't even know the man I knew. Many hadn't seen him in years, and even then, only occasionally. They had lost him, before they lost him. What immense regret.
Who have you lost? Not to death, for that is done, but to life? Relationships are fragile structures that can be demolished by unkind words and deeds. We can forgive, but if we never invest the time to rebuild, the relationship will still lie in ruins. We've all been there. We've seen some thoughtless act rip the roof off a relationship, leaving it exposed to the elements. Maybe it was just something inconsiderate. Or maybe it was utter betrayal. But somehow we have all seen relationships turn to rubble. In the ruins of every relationship there is a common element: Rejection. The reason you can find rejection somewhere among the ruins, is because it is rejection that strips us of the desire to build again. Rejection defers, and eventually destroys, hope. Relationships have been known to weather an incredible amount of diverse storms only to rise stronger than before. But rejection strips us of hope to rebuild. So we simply walk away.
All rejection hurts:
"I'm not interested in you."
"I don't care about you."
"You don't matter to me."
"You fool."
Feel that? It hurts, does it not?
So how do we react to rejection? Usually with... rejection. "Well... I don't care about you either" It seems silly, but that's exactly what we do. Why? Its our defense.
So what's the answer then? Relationships are of too great value to waste. How do we deal with the rejection? Only the "man of sorrows" can help you love deep enough to weather rejection. "He was despised and rejected of men."-Isaiah 53:3 No one has ever faced rejection like the man of sorrows. The governor sought to kill him as a child. They tried to throw him off a cliff in reaction to his first sermon. Mocked, derided, scoffed, falsely accused, betrayed, forsaken, tortured and crucified, yet his love marched on. He can help you love beyond rejection, because he's been there. He can help you build again. "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."-John 2:19 Your hurt is real, you've been damaged, hope may have been killed. But he is the resurrection, you can love again. You can love beyond rejection, rebuild, and hope again.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cursed Comfort

Cursed Comfort, Cursed Contentment.
As a subtle garden snake, carnal comfort has slithered in and deceived us into forsaking the heavenly treasure for worthless trinkets. Cursed comfort, you have eased the sting of guilt. A sting so sweet. A sting that's drives to our knees in holy repentance. Cursed comfort has numbed our conscience, a conscience of unmeasurable value. The birthing place of the deep cry for mercy and deliverance. Cursed comfort has redirected our treasures to this moth corrupted earth. Cursed comfort, you have blinded our eyes from the true treasure, the glory of the nail scarred hands, and deceived us into devaluing Him to 30 pieces of silver.
Where are the days of Luther, Wesley, Finney, Edwards, Brainard, and Bounds. The holy unrest of the Monravians, of which one third were missionaries. Where are the days of Seymor, Parham and Bartleman, where is that holy discontent that drove them to long hours of weeping on there knees until entire nations and generations were transformed by the power of God.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winners & losers

Who is a winner?
Who is a loser?
Is the winner the richest or the most famous? The most accomplished or the most powerful? Or maybe the most liked? Is it the man drunk with fame or is the one full of success? Is the winner the family man, or the businessman? Self realization, awareness, education, expression, or attainment? Which one wins?
Can we live a life of attainment and yet lose?

Somehow we all realize deep down that none of these things really constitute a win in the game of life.
So what does?
Finding and knowing and doing exactly what you were created and set here on earth to do. Your call if ya will. Or to make it even easier.
Only the creator can reveal his purpose in us. Only the creator can truly optimize the use of his creation.
Fame is vanity, lust is a lie. Money brings emptiness. Entertainment is a smoke screen. Power corrupts, education is always incomplete, friends come and friends go. But our God-crafted eternal destiny sits on high, as the one true success. Seek it, Seek Him, and win.

Till Christ be formed in me.

How deeply do we desire for Jesus to live in our world? Do we really believe him to be the hero this generation so needs? If he were to personally visit my town, how would he impact it? Would His power-filled preaching and miracle working sweep my city with salvation? How excellent would it be?
I don't believe I could even imagine all that would happen if Jesus Christ were to meekly walk these streets where I live, in the flesh. So many lives changed; deliverance, peace, healing, reconciliation, joy, restoration.
What could he do in one week? One month? One year? How about a few decades? How much do we believe His personal visitation to be worth? If we new a certain work, a certain action, could bring Jesus to town, how quickly would we give it?
Do I hunger to see it a reality? Do I really want it to be? Do I want it enough to offer me?
You see Jesus is perfectly willing to come, just not without you and me.
Here's a body, here's a mind, stripped and cleansed.
Gone is all Ive ever been.
Stripped of my passions both good and bad.
Stripped of all dreams and ambitions I've ever had.
Clean from agendas that once lifted up me.
I present my life to thee.
I must seek to lose what is mine, to gain Christ. So he can walk this city in this body. So he can see its needs through these eyes. So he can heal its hurts with these hands. He can come. Its a reality. But first I must move out. So he can move in. I must die so he can live. What a travesty to stop him from coming here, because I refuse to get out of his way. What a crime. I abhor the part pf my carnal self that hides the glorious Christ. Let the cross prevail! Let me pray, until I'm out of his way. Let me start today. Let ever empty face I see haunt me for its redemption, till Christ be formed in me.