Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fountain

Let's make this clear. It's not about the accolades. We are in this to glorify God. This principal is Christianity 101. If you're confused about who deserves the glory, get back on your knees and find God. But, that being said, ministry is so full of struggle and disappointment, that an encouraging word of appreciation can go a long way. "Thank you, you made a difference in my life" Those sort of words will refuel a dying burden and recharge a weary worker. I can vividly remember times when unexpected appreciation came and melted my soul in love. We know God rewards, but it sure is nice to have an occasional pat on the back. As a preacher, the lime light shines on you enough to bring many an accolade and some wonderful heartfelt lauding. Maybe a bit too much at times. But I appreciate it. Though it is not always so with those unsung heroes behind the scenes. They have to brave the struggles without the support. Often in true derision. I understand the extreme value of the hidden ministries within the Church. Every great river is the result of many streams.

As I write this my wonderful wife came in the room. She is truly my better half. Every success I've experienced in ministry is half hers. Her faithfulness has trudged her through many storms and lives have been impacted mightily on the way. But there have been few accolades and little attention paid to her contribution. People tend to forget the supporting role no matter how much a part it may play. After a dozen years of ministry I finally see a season of realization coming to this great woman. Some are beginning to see the wonderful godly fountain of blessing that flows through this weaker vessel. A fountain that provides healing and strength. A fountain that nourishes every aspect of my ministry. Thank you Lord for providing an oasis of appreciation. Let it renew our strength to battle another day, and see your will done in the lives of men. Thank you for giving me a wife who has your caring compassionate loving heart within her. Together we will change the world!

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