Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Lost

They are lost. Good people, nice people, misled people and uninformed people. Kind confused people, loving deceived people. People like you and me. But they are lost. If they never see the light they will be lost for all eternity. And that troubles me deep tonight. Girls just like my daughter are wasting their lives away. Young men like my sons are chasing the wind of vanity. They are lost. Doesn't that trouble you? You say yes, you even feel yes, but what have you done about it? Do you really pray for them, do you weep over them? Do you search for every opportunity to shine to them the love of Christ? Do you open your mouth every chance you get? Or do you simply walk away, for fear of embarrassment? Walk away to live your own private life, hiding the light from those in darkness. Do we really care for the lost? I realize this is an indictment, but it is ever so needed. The Apostolic church of America is so doped up on comforts of this life that we don't really care about hurting lost people. We go year by fruitless year without touching a single soul and still dare to call ourselves Christian. Do we squander the blood of Christ and yet deceive ourselves into thinking we are pleasing him? We waste the testimony he gave us in the abyss of our intimidation letting the uniformed walk right off their cliff of sin. We excuse our laziness, we blame the lost for their stubbornness. We learn to keep the empty ox crib clean, and go our merry way. Only to one day here. "In that you did it not unto the least of these, you did it not unto me" Wake up! If we are not reaching lost people in some way, we are not Christians. Let alone one God Apostolic Pentecostal Christians. Why soft soap it. Christ came to "seek and save them which are lost" As he is so are we, in this world. If we are in Him, he's gonna reach the lost. If He is in us, lives will be changed. Let us fall on our face in prayer, open our mouths in witness, and seek and save the lost. In Jesus name.

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  1. "...Let us fall on our face in prayer, open our mouths in witness, and seek and save the lost. In Jesus name." Amen to that brother Tempke!

    We don't do what we know we must because we can't. That is why we must pray. For His strength. For His love. Keep preaching the truth and pushing us to pray for strength to do that which we fear most. Oh, to have the power that comes only from a total focus on His will. And lose the shame that comes from the ¿embarrassment? of witnessing His truth.