Sunday, March 22, 2009

When its all for the Kingdom

When its all for the Kingdom we will not strive
But work together well
For the goal is great and the stakes are high
As high as heaven is from hell
When at Gods agenda we arrive
Motives are fast made straight
Selfishness and carnal pride
Are traded at gate
There we drop the "me" and bow to He
Who with purity derides
Every false and tainted way
For which he was Crucified
And will we step from religions boat
To the waters of faith and trust
To give control to him who holds
Each wave and every gust?
Or will we our little token give
And play the game of pride
Coated in religious shades
Our vanity to hide
And like the green fig tree who barren stands
A healthy yet worthless friend
To the hungry soul in fruitless toil
For his meaningless to end.
Will we together build the house
On the rock to forever stand
Or will we raise alone our own dream home
A mansion made of sand
Do sometimes we think to build for Him
But in truth its of our design
And we never see far beyond the "me"
To souls of the lost and dying?
When its all for the kingdom we will not strive
But labor without leaven
To give Him praise and exalt His ways
On earth as it is in heaven

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  1. Excellent Michael..I didn't know you're a poet. Love and Hugs...