Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Landmark of resurrected dreams

Some things emanate from the very depth of our being. These are more than hobbies or interests. Bike racing is not one of Lance Armstrong's interests, its not even his employment, it's tied to his soul. Swimming is not something to do on a boring summer day to Michael Phelps. He lives to swim. We are endowed by our creator with a potential for passion. Every Olympic or professional athlete must "live" their game to climb that high. Pick any name from the top athletes of our day. You will find their sport is part of everything they do. Their diet, exercise, rest, it is all centered around the passion they live for. Just imagine Michael Jordon living as a donut-eating couch potato. His talent would die. Golfing's not leisure time to Tiger Woods.
As children we dream of living our passion. Go ask any child what he wants to be when he grows up and he will select from the highest rungs of society. I want to be.... President, Ambassador, Pro athlete, Firefighter, Doctor, Teacher, Actor... basically they say, I'm gonna be a hero! I'm gonna save the world. People will stand in awe of my accomplishments. I bring world peace, cure aids, cure cancer, make diet soda that tastes good, eliminate mosquitoes, make all fat people skinny, short people tall, remove all calories from donuts and candy, eradicate racism, and fix the weather! Ha! And that's just the beginning. Come on now, think back, (for some it's way back) you used to dream too. That fire once burned in your innocent soul. But what happened? Read that again slow. But... what... happened...? What happened to the dream? What happened to the passion? Where went the fire? Was it buried with a loved one? Crushed by a friend or parent? Stripped from your heart by a series of disappointments? When was it replaced by more "realistic" goals and less costly ambitions? You may not remember the day your dreams died, only to be replaced by mundane duties of life. You may not be able to remember the season but you know what I'm talking about.
Life will crush our dreams. Yep, I said WILL. There will be crushing pressure on your innocent passion. But that is the process of making a dream a reality. Just ask Joseph. Sold into slavery by his own brothers, (most of which wanted to kill him). Falsely imprisoned, betrayed and forgotten. But the very trial that came to crush him landed him smack dab in the will of God. Every passion will go through the fire of mocking persecution. It will be derided derailed and defamed. But if it's from God, it will live again.
I know what your thinking. Its too late for me. I'm to far along the road of life. That's what 80 year old Moses said at the burning bush. But God proved him wrong. He can prove you wrong too. He delights in it. But listen up, this is the difference. It may well be too late for "our" dreams, but it is not to late for "His" dream. You may not ever become Mr. Universe (the speedo would be scary!) It may be too late to be Ms. America. The athlete, doctor... cowboy or super hero may be a bit out of reach. But God's dream is not out of reach for you. God has a dream for you. A soul gripping passionate life encompassing dream.
This is the secret, "your" dreams are subject to the corruption of moth and rust. Your dreams can die to never live again. But the dream of God is as eternal as God himself. Though mocked derided, persecuted, beaten, scourged and crucified, the dream of God will rise again.
Have you answered the unreasonable, unrealistic, call of God. Have you warmed yourself at the burning bush of purpose only to walk away and trade for a demeaned token of religion? Gods dream for your life is never an interest, hobby or token. It is always a life consuming passion. Many will choose an easier less expensive road and thus accomplish little. But high on a distant hill stands a landmark to an unmovable dream. A landmark of terrible crushing that molded the greatest success. A landmark of a dream that stood the highest test of all of men's cruelties. All the way to the grave. All the way to Calvary. Where every dream died, but rose again. Won't you come to that cross, and let your dream live again.


  1. That reminds me... ♫ Lead me to the cross ♫ Where your love poured out ♫ Bring me to my knees ♪ Lord, I lay me down ♪
    When we gonna sing that in church, huh?

  2. Fair enough that we are all bread to think we are all going to grow up to be Movie Stars, Rockstars, Heros & the likes of all types of fame and recognition out here in good old California "Dream'in land." And yes it is true that a Dream really is a goal actualized(so get busy). May it also be true that with every system there is going to be a victum as that is just plain life. However the ultimate question is "what is the term "infinate?!" this intangible but yet so religiously achievable of concept of salesmanship???? Glorious Promise after promise built around nothing but praise and worship & honest trust? Hardly seems "fair" considering no sweat shall pour from your brow and all there should be is only good will to one another. Well sign me up for some "League of reserection" cause I'm takin it all if enrollment is the only requirement. People Enlist while you can!!! cause judgement & the end of days are coming. You absolutely need to know that I'm the one who will act and deciple you on the most righteous needed trail(it's Gods will!!) Know it people "KNOW IT!!!" & Remember don't say "I DIDN'T TELL YOU SO!" which is so crutial in my roll in the insurrection, opps I meant reserrection.