Sunday, March 22, 2009


We have all heard or said at one time or another the phrase, "who said life was fair?" Yet when faced with injustice, we never cease to ponder why, or weep why, or scream why? Really, we do want life to be fair. And we somewhat expect it to be fair. And when some wrong slaps us across the face we are perplexed. Why, why me, why her, why now, why so soon, why so late. So life then is not fair, but is God? If God is fair and life is not, then is God not authoring life. So we ponder, is it my mistakes that brought this tradgedy? Is it my weakness, my faults? We look in, we look out. Its his fault, their neglect! And we look up and say God why? Some shake their fist at heaven, some grow bitter. Some bow their knee, and grow better. Yet still the why's go unanswered. Job was forced to face the unfairness of life. Left alone with boils and finger pointers, he respectfully pondered, wept, and screamed... why. He asked it from every angle, he looked in and out and up. Opinions flew like the hailstorm that killed his sheep. Emotions shook like the earthquake that killed his kids. But answers....? Not until the 38th chapter does Gods step in. But he doesn't give an answer. He gives some questions of his own. "Where were you when I made the heavens and the earth?" He asks Job about everything from stars to babies, from hail to sea creatures. Thus giving Job an unending list of things Job did not understand, that God fully understood. A list of things Job could not explain, that God could. A list of things completely out of Jobs hands, but safely in the hands of God. God's own list of hows, whats wheres whens and why's. To which Job could only reply " I do not understand ".
Is that ok with you and me. Are we ok with the idea that the list of things which only God understands is infinatly long. Can we with Job come to grip with the fact that God is not obligated to explain things to us? Can we survive not knowing? Will we grow bitter or better? Will we blame, or will we trust? That's the answer by the way, did you catch it? Gods answer to Job is the same answer he gives to you and me. A simple 3 words...
"Just trust me".


  1. Your essay gives insight into the thought process behind secular science: they think that ALL things are knowable, therefore they are curious and "open minded". WE know that all things are NOT knowable, therefore (to the "seculars") we are incurious and "close minded".

    Poor, lost souls, we are?

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  3. It sometimes seems a though things are a bad Comic Book stating that... "Evil has just been given the Nod"... "However Unseen Forces Are Aware" Yup I dream of justice and accountability and a perfect state of grace myself but then again if the system weren't broke in the first place learning would be of little concern and above all hold it's value to like creeds. To all those who define me & make me look so good... I give you my praise to the highest Heaven's for all your shortcomings, distorted intentions & ignorace... paving my way. Perhaps the great gaseous psychological forces will just pain have to have some mercy on what you do and are..."Or Not?" cause it's all about "The Afterlife" plus you did it to yourselvess and created circumstances and instances leading to where you stand & your own "why's", subjections and happenstances... So obvious that it's 100% secular and silly. All I know is that God has a plan & that all us commonfolk need to do is "Recognize and Obey"... for baby Jesus, Mother Mary's and the Holy Caspers Sake. Listen and heed all commands and warnings literally given to you in plain English or all the difining messages published in your life's daily works. I mean really who's side are you on... Heaven can't wait!!! & everyone will kneel before Zod as every situation calls for. "For the Greater Good of All".... so let's swear by it!!!!!!!!! Goodbye cruel world may all you spirits in the material world parish at the hands of your own blades if you turn your Backs on God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!